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Marketing Management Services

We perform and oversee services in conjunction with client management based on goals and objectives such as:

  • Company Objective and Mission Development
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Information and Management Systems
  • Marketing Planning
  • Market Emplacement and Marketing Positioning
  • Branding and Image Analysis
  • Break-even Analysis (to determine investment cost/return points)
  • Marketing Team and Sales Team Development - Hiring Smart Program
  • Competencies and Comparative Value Overview
  • Campaign Development
  • Campaign Execution Management
  • Internet Marketing Consulting

These and other services are generally preformed in a systematic approach based on company budget, market stresses and goals. In most cases our clients want us to take on the mantle of managing the on-going execution of the campaign, including promotional and public relations programs contained in the marketing plan developed for each client.

Management Strategy

Including marketing as a foundational part of planning is a strategic process that includes the entire customer management and feedback loop into the overall company strategy. This approach is a bottom-up planning process. Organizations that set sales goals from the financial officer down are forcing a false numerical structure onto a dynamically based market.

Top-down planning forces organizations into a box that restricts market expansion, misses customer opportunities and limits profitability in the name of profit planning. On the other hand, bottom up planning looks at customer potential and adjusts to a system that will deliver products and services that increase profit. Starting with the base of customer categories and product offerings, the total revenue and costs are added-up to build a dynamic and adjustable plan.

Many medium and small sized organizations lack a specific and strategic marketing vantage point to incorporate bottom-up planning into the planning process. Without this component, most companies operate like they only have two legs of a three legged stool.

Most companies do not usually make strategic marketing process a full time effort. Burgess Management Consulting is able to implement a top management level marketing strategy in a part time capacity for companies needing this service.

Marketing Skill Diversity

These Skills Include:

  • Strategic Planning and Research
  • Public and Corporate Relations
  • Writing and Communications
  • Artistic Design
  • Sales
  • Marketing Technology

Because of the diversity of skills required to implement the entire "art, science and technology of marketing," few individuals can master more than two or three of the skills necessary to execute a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Burgess Management Consulting has acarefully chosen team of experts to assist in all skilled marketing areas.