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Why Us?

Why Use Consultants?

Some firms love to brag about “what their consultants say,” while others see this outside advice as admission of shortcomings. In either case, consultant jokes portray us as giving advice, then leaving Dodge.
Outside advisors and consultants are useful for three things:

1. Expert Opinion: unbiased opinions, which help a company choose a course of action.

2. Expertise for Hire: a source of a specific type of knowledge.

3. Ready Labor: professional time is occasionally needed to fulfill jobs that a company sometimes cannot accomplish.

Why Hire Us?

The consulting industry is full of financial, accounting, engineering and operational efficiency consulting firms, but Burgess Management Consulting is expert in the area of strategic business development, including marketing planning and management.

Our expertise in “strategic” business development focuses on smaller organizations (from 10 to 250 employees). In this case “development” means long-term growth in revenues and profits. While this goal certainly includes financial and operational considerations, our focus is on the softer issues of how companies communicate with customers and employees. It is a multifaceted approach that includes strategic planning and marketing, “Focusing on the Customer” and selecting the right people for each task.

• We have worked with many organizations. Because we see inside these companies, we gain a perspective that a typical career with a few companies cannot provide.

• We bring many years of experience to this task, formal and informal. It has been said, “he has twenty years of experience - the same year, twenty times.” This is not us. We stay current while applying time-proven principles to each client’s situation.

Perhaps the goal most important to you is long-term growth. Our clients are growing and, in most cases, are in the top tier of marketshare for their markets.

Want to know more about how we can assist your organization?

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