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 We create more value than fees.

We create real measurable client value, in revenue, margins, growth planning and innovation. This has been demonstrated through continued client engagement of an average of thirteen years.

For three decades, Burgess Management Consulting has been a leader in helping smaller businesses gain leadership in their market niche.

Small and medium sized businesses too often occupy the same niches as their large competitors and barely stay viable in these tough-to-compete markets. Our specialty is helping small business owners properly position and emplace their business appropriately between their customers and competitors.

With decades of proven client growth and relationships averaging over thirteen years, we continue to refine our process of market emplacement and marketing positioning. Then we go to work developing campaigns that meet these goals and work with the client through the entire process of analyzing results. 

Does it work?

When clients stay with the process for years, they grow. This is a close to zero failure rate. (We haven’t had one yet, but maybe someday.)


Ron Burgess is among the most experienced growth consultants for smaller businesses (10 to 250 employees) in the country. Prior to starting his own practice, he was Director of Management Services at the largest retail consulting firm in the U.S. He was also manager and owner of two businesses prior to that. 

The client must execute the exact plan for two to three years to get the long-term impact. Those that do not execute the full plan mostly fail, and stay where they are to slowly become irrelevant.

Business schools still don’t teach smaller owners how to be successful. Sure they teach all the management theory, but actually creating a crack in the market, is still mostly an afterthought. Few professors have seen enough examples of businesses from $1 million to $50 million to know what worked and did not work. It takes several years of constant contact to understand what was important and what was irrelevant. Consultants and marketing directors miss this too, they give advice and leave, never knowing what worked. Marketing directors turn over so often they never see their plans fully initiated. The average turn-over of marketing directors was just 22 months until recently.  




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Finding Your Crack in the Market: Secrets to Marketing Niche Domination and Small Business Success.

Finding Your Crack in the Market: Secrets to Marketing Niche Domination and Small Business Success.

Areas of Practice


Burgess Management Consulting assists companies in their efforts to integrate the marketing process into their organizations by focusing on the customer. Marketing is about matching core competencies with customers, both internally and externally. This process leads to proper market emplacement and positioning, the key to marketing sucess. 


We perform and oversee services in conjunction with client management based on goals and objectives such as: Company Objective and Mission Development, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Customer Information and Management Systems, Marketing Planning, Market Emplacement and Marketing Positioning, Branding and Image Analysis.


The secret to small business success is not what Fortune 500 companies or highly paid business coaches say.  It isn’t that your company is simply better than everyone else at something. It isn’t that you are bigger than your competition.  And it certainly is not that you have a pretty logo, or great tagline.



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