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Located in Redlands, California, Burgess Management Consulting serves clients from Southern California to Colorado. With over three decades of consulting experience in the areas of strategic planning and marketing management, Burgess Management, along with its marketing production group, RedFusion Media, puts action where its mouth is. We actually execute the plan we develop with our clients.

No pricey reports, payment and walking for us. We believe in being as involved as necessary with our clients to accomplish the goals they set.

Our team includes only seasoned management consultants in marketing strategy, organizational behavior and customer awareness.


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We at Burgess Management know that finding the right consulting services is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Our Team 



Ron Burgess 

Ron Burgess became involved with entrepreneurship far before it was popular. At the University of Colorado Business School no courses were offered for small business. Nearly all his classmates went to work for Fortune 500 firms. Instead of following his peers, Ron opened a specialty retail store. Ten years, seven stores and a small manufacturing plant later, he left his entrepreneurial endeavors and went to work for the nation’s largest retail merchandising consulting firm.

With three years as a field consultant and four more as the Director of Product Development, he came into contact with hundreds of small businesses and their problems. He also trained scores of business consultants in the area of merchandise planning, inventory control and computerized planning systems.

Itching to be in business again for himself, Ron started Burgess Management Consulting in 1989, specializing in strategic planning, marketing and marketing management. Today he is a "Chief Marketing Officer for hire," where he works with owners and presidents to grow business and manage marketing initiatives.

Always interested in marketing technology, Ron was drawn tothe Internet as early as 1996.  Burgess Management Consulting built its first website in 1998, and the next year founded RedFusion Media with son Jon and wife Molly.   RedFusion manages many of the marketing campaigns; brand development, Internet marketing, print and PR of Ron's client base.

Ron is a speaker on marketing subjects and has written over one hundred articles on marketing, the Internet and management practices. He has served on numerous non-profit boards, is a past president of the American Marketing Association- Inland Empire and serves on the University of Redlands Marketing Certificate Advisory Committee.




Molly Burgess 

Molly has worked with Burgess Management clients for a dozen years and is a founder and general manager of RedFusion Media. She holds a degree in English from the University of Colorado, where she also studied business.  She served as Business Manager and Corporate Treasurer for Old Soft Shoe of Denver. Molly worked in the banking industry for 15 years where she was involved in customer service and appraisal training and wrote procedure and policy manuals.

Burgess Management clients tend to be successful and grow. One of the most critical concerns of growing companies is finding the right people, people that fit the job and work with the existing team. Building teams that can “execute” the marketing process so the company continues to grow requires specialized understanding of management, job requirements and the candidates for the jobs.

Molly is certified to administer sophisticated hiring assessments to match people against job descriptions, which lowers hiring costs and dramatically increases the chance of successful hires. We call this hiring process “Hiring Smart.”

Molly has been President of Redlands Area Panhellenic Association and President of the Denver Chapter of Delta Gamma Alumnae where she was instrumental in founding the

Anchor Pre-School for the Blind.  She currently serves on the board of the G. M. Dirkum Scholarship Foundation.