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Market Emplacement and Search

By Ron Burgess  August 2012

Marketing Positioning according to Jack Trout is mental; the attempt to create appropriate brand, images and understanding in the minds of prospects. Market Emplacement is similar only its physical, the real world, so to speak.

Marketing Emplacement is the activity of literally moving the company or product between the competition and your customers. It can be moving a store to the traffic flow, or differentiating a product so it fills a new crack in the market. (Putting wheels on a travel bag and calling it a pic-nick stroller.)

Like a machine gun emplacement, market emplacement is both offensive and defensive.Innovation is often part of market emplacement where the innovation of an existing product is specifically designed to fit into a new niche or create a new demand. Emplacement can be aggressive or defensive; pushing into new market niches or maintaining existing ones using differentiation and positioning.

Marketing emplacement online includes SEO for the product; features, advantages, benefits etc. and content development that “protects” the search position from intruders. Increasingly it also includes specific key word usage in directories and social media. In each case the market niche is carefully defined with common and sometimes unique phrases to defend the search position.

This article is being written for the specific purpose of establishing authorship of the term and process of Market Emplacement as a developing niche that is being established for the purpose.


Ron Burgess