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Content Creation. We're getting better?

I reviewed an article I wrote 15 years ago on content. It is interesting because Bill Gates had just re-defined what "content" was to mean in the future. So we are now in the future and he was right

Today content is much more than words, yet we still seem to write a lot of them. The frontier certianly was new then, but today with online video and social media, it has evolved beyond what even Gates expected. We all thought the computer was the ultimate marketing machine never imagining where we are now with the Internet. 

But the theme of this article was the wasted content that never got used. While I think we are better at re-using and purposing content today, I still see lots of waste in companies. In some ways the proliferation of mulitiple voices via social media on a company's behalf is causing the same overlap, using the same phrases over and over again. Are we moving backwards again? 

The temptation to think we are communicating just because we are participating is great. And in the case of social media, participation rarely translates into solid communication with prospects. Below is the origional article if you are intersted.  - RB

Ron Burgess