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Finding Your Crack in the Market:
Secrets to Marketing Niche Dominance and Small Business Success.

About the Book

The secret to small business success is not what Fortune 500 companies or highly paid business coaches say.  It isn’t that your company is simply better at something. It isn’t that you are bigger than your competition.  And it certainly is not that you have a pretty logo, or great tagline.


Success comes from finding an unfilled crack in the market, filling that crack and defending it. 


So the question is, how do you find a crack or niche in the market place?

Learn more about small business success at Finding Your Crack In The Market


Former Engagements


Finding Your Crack In The Market




Ron Burgess


Small businesses create weath when they differentiatte themselves from others in their industry. Ron illustrates the facts behind the phenomina and provides insite on how to use Market Emplacement and Positioning techniques to move your business toward its own crack in the market.


Victoria Country CLub, Riverside California. 




From Captive to Captian of Your Business


A San Bernardino Employee Training Agency confrence to explore how to take control of your company planning. This confrence also explains how to take advantage of free consulting services offered by SBETA through RedFusion Consulting.


7:00 - 8:30 at 6th and Arrowhead Street, San Bernardio. Third Floor.




MBA Marketing Class for the  La Verne University.


Instructor, Steve Fiahlo, MBA




Marketing Plan Judge


Laverne University MBA Student Plan Judging


MBA Marketing Class Plan for the High Desert La Verne University.


Instructor, Steve Fiahlo, MBA




Battling Back From The Recession With Marketing
Victoria Country Club, Riverside, CA


A deep dive into the customer research that made the dramatic turn around possible.


Ron Burgess presents a real life case study of how a home delivery dairy reacted to the recession and the global milk glut to bolster value in the face of declining prices.




American Marketing Association-Inland Empire


Victoria Country Club, Riverside, CA




Half- day Small Business Marketing Seminar


County of San Bernardino / Workforce Investment Board




and Redlands Chamber of Commerce



Fight Back – Make marketing work for you.
Proven strategies designed to turn your losses into profits.


The economy is tough. Many businesses had all the business they needed in the good old economy.  Those days are over, but some businesses with strong marketing strategies are still surviving and thriving. 


Redlands Chamber of Commerce



"Get the Inside Track on Public Relations"


Public Relations Society of America, Inland Empire


Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA



Mr. Burgess serving on the panel of PR Experts providing low cost advice to small business.






Drucker School at the Claremont Graduate University


Shoestring Marketing Seminar for Non-Profits


Sponsored by the American Marketing Association, Inland Empire


“The New Online Reality for Non-Profits”


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RedFusion Media Seminar Series


Executive Briefing, Four Sessions, two seminars space is limited


The Web is now in charge of your marketing plan.




Session One, Competing for the top search spot


Session Two, Driving business to your website if it is not on the first page






RedFusion Media Seminar Series


Delivered in four sessions covering two subjects,


Tune Up Your Website


Online Advertising: Planning and Strategy


"I'm starting to understand how my website can really work for me. Thanks for your great presentation."

 Four completely sold out seminars.






Restarting And Maintaining Your Marketing Campaign-Four sold out seminars.


Western States Telemessaging Service (Assn)


San Diego Convention


How the Internet has just changed everything.





“Thank you for your informed and energetic presentation. Yours was voted the best of our several day conferences by the membership.”

WSTS, President,  John Yocca




New Communication Dynamics for PR On The Web   


PRSA Fall Expo, Cal Baptist University


Public Relations Society of America






How The Internet Changes Everything You Know About Marketing


Small Business Seminar Series, Premier Service Bank


Premier Servcice Bank Conference Center






“. . . great and timely topic and presentation, you packed the room to standing room only.”  Dwight Cromie, series organizer.