Focus on the Customer

Burgess Management Consulting believes that companies that properly structure their organization around customers fail less and prosper more. When a company really listens and understands customers it can adjust to quick moving trends, needs and markets, even when the tides of business are changing.

Paying attention to customers is like the ballast in the sailing vessel; it continually rights the boat, even in stiff winds. Conversely, when management becomes insulated from customers, it is like slowly removing the ballast, creating an unstable environment.

Focusing on the customer can yield critical informationsuch as what their real motivations are to buy, or the reasons they may not buy as frequently. It can also verify trends in the marketplace concerning cost/price movement and perceived value as compared with competitive offerings.

When the compass is set to true north, placing the customer right in the middle of the strategy creates a dynamic for goal setting and charting the future.

A customer-centric company has a slightly different orientation. It sees customers as assets, appreciating over the long-term. By closely monitoring customers’ actions and statements, the company aligns its activities to satisfy and maximize the customer relationship.

In general, company activities will change little over the short-term. However, as customer information and trends are gathered and priorities are set, activities that create competitiveness begin to drive quality, creating innovative new products and superior service.