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Marketing Emplacement


Marketing is for companies that have poor positioning and emplacement.

By Ronald L. Burgess 

Or said another way, small businesses that have exactly what their customers want, can exist on word-of mouth alone. No marketing firm wants to hear this, but it is the case. Consider the example of the owner of the only water well in the desert, next to the caravan route. Guaranteed, no marketing is necessary. Poor customer service and high prices won’t even dampen the demand.

Marketing Emplacement and Positioning - like this small tree that has found a crack to hide and grow in, it is emplaced in a perfect location to grow and fill the crack. Perhaps it will even expand the crack as if grows.

The problem: only a very few businesses are very good at creating a crack in their market so strong that no other competitors can offer the products to them. Most new small companies are more comparable to selling ice to Eskimos. Only the best sales people ever get an order. We call this market emplacement; the purposeful placement of a product in a very small niche that is protected from competitors. Market positioning is similar but is oriented toward attitudes and perceptions, in the customer mind.

Burgess Management Consulting specializes in using these techniques as the primary force in the marketing plan. We move people from ice sales to Eskimos, toward having the only well in the desert. The concept has being used by thousands of the wealthiest small business people in the world for centuries.

Rare businesses just fall into a crack in the market by accident. They reap big benefits. Its the business owner that slogs it out day after day selling ice to Eskimos that needs to re- emplace themselves in a new niche.